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Are You Ready For This Mega Event?


From Lausanne’s site

About the Lausanne Slopestyle

The initial idea behind the Lausanne Slopestyle is to reproduce a snowpark on a closed road. Organized every year since 2012, this event was first designed by freeboarders for freeboarders and now regroups all kind of disciplines including roller, longboard, skateboard, trike and of course, freeboard. It is recognized worldwide as the biggest freeboard event. Check out the 2015 teaser to see how it goes.

What’s new for 2015 ?

For the first time, the event will officially take place on an entire weekend. Two days of pure slopestyle along with a big party on Saturday night, night sessions, and many more novelties.

Lausanne Slopestyle organizing committee is now integrated within the LAU’ Riders association – official freeboard crew of Lausanne.


The 2015 Lausanne Slopestyle will take place from the 4th to the 5th of July 2015.


  • 10h – Openning

  • 14h – Big Air contest I

  • 15h – Rainbow & Box contest

  • 16h – Grouped downhill session

  • 21h – Night session

  • 22h – Party


  • 10h – Openning

  • 11h – Big Air contest II

  • 14h – Hip Contest

  • 18h – Closing

Like every year, the event will take place at the “Vallée de la Jeunesse”, a closed road next to the center of Lausanne.

By train:

  • Train to Lausanne CFF

  • M2 Metro to Flon

  • M1 Metro to Malley

By car:

  • Drive to Lausanne south

  • When arriving at the end of the highway (roundabout) take the “Vallée de la Jeunesse” exit

The Vidy camping welcomes all riders riding at the Lausanne Slopestyle.

On-spot registration

When arriving at the camping, annouce you are riding at the slopestyle and you will be placed on a dedicated spot with all slopestyle riders



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