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Looking to test ride the new Freebord 5-X?

We are meeting up to ride this Saturday (2/15/20) in San Francisco. Riders of all different skill levels are welcome to join. Pro team rider Quentin Mestre will be visiting from France and is eager to shred with everyone. We will start the day off slow and teach beginners. As the day continues we will shift gears, change spots, and hit the slopes.


11:00AM Meet at the Freebord factory

Address: 455 Irwin St. Unit 104, San Francisco, CA 94107

11:00-11:30AM Go over the basics & get boards tuned up

12:00PM-1:00PM Meet at the top of Kansas Street (backside)

Address: 701 Kansas st., San Francisco, CA 94107

2:00PM Locate food (probably Taqueria Los Coyotes)

3:00PM Twin Peaks & advanced hills

If you haven’t heard of Quentin Mestre check out his 2019 highlight below:

If you have any questions or need contact information shoot an email to [email protected]

or call (415) 285-2673 and ask for Bently

Bently Anderson

I was in need of an after school activity and discovered Freebord.

One Comment

  • Park Kyung-il says:

    Hi I am a freebord rider in Korea.
    I was so sad when i read this. I would have seriously considered attending this event if I knew earlier. Now it is too late to book the airplane ticket.
    So please notify me later again if there is another event like this.
    Also I am looking forward to releasing 5-x on the store. I will definitely order.
    I want to have oversea freebord friends.

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