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35mm - Freebord - Team Trip 2014 - Corey Lucero - Ice Box
Corey Lucero took a spill dodging a rogue car towards the end of the trip and had post up in the back of the van with his foot on ice while we searched for shit to shred. Luckily we came across an old school compression cooling pack at a garage sale while we scoured the suburban neighborhoods in Washington. Through out the trip I spent a lot of time pulling people aside and putting the camera in their face for a quick interview. Keep your eyes peeled for more 35mm photos coming from the trip.

Matt Reyes

I'm strong like Gahndi, smart like Snooki, trusting like the police, tan like David Hasselhoff, slick like sandpaper, conventional like Dennis Rodman, and handsome like Sloth from the goonies. I'm a cat aficionado, powered by coffee who spends most of his time surfing the internet or your friend's empty couch. When I'm not sitting at my desk here at Freebord, I'm out riding my bike, thinking about pizza, or riding my bike while thinking about pizza.

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