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Year Round Shred

August 11, 2016

Lausanne Slopestyle – 2016

Lausanne FreebordThe 5th Lausanne slope style 2016So the Lau riders crew and Freebord Suisse did it once again with another epic slopestyle. Well over 100+ riders came out to do damage. Rails, ramps, and slopes created the perfect terrain park for a Freeborder. The big airs and overall riding were sick as…
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November 14, 2013

Keep Your Shred Legs All Year

What it do, nephews?  Hoppe here.  Some careless individual gave me the keys to this here blog, so I'm going to be coming on here to ramble at you guys when the mood strikes.  Expect stuff like riding tips, gear tips, some Freebord history (both ancient and recent), behind the…