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May 4, 2009

Sweden Opening Day Ride

Spring's officially hit for the Swedes, as all the greenery and goats in this vid can attest. Not sure who's beard we like better though - the goat at 0:01 or this guy, who showed up on our doorstep today after months of absence. Jönköping 2009 event from Christoffer Husser…
September 4, 2008


Sweden had their final Freebord represent event for the season, with the annual DUDE RUN last weekend (don't ask why it's called that). This two day event drew 20-30 riders from all across Sweden to shred the local hills around a town called Skövde. Perfect weather, nice hills and sweet…
On The Road
May 28, 2008

Slottskogen is Swede

Not to be outdone by the Germans, Johan and the Swedish crew were out last weekend representing in Slottskogen, Göteborg. About 30 riders showed up to ride...check it. Freebord TOUR 08 Slottskogen Göteborg Uploaded by DrScaramanga
On The Road
May 12, 2008

Sweden Representing

Swedish Freeborders got together last weekend for a Represent ride in the city of Jönköping. Check out their Swedish steez in the video below (and let's get these guys some t-shirts)! For more tour stops in Sweden, see Thanks Johan! Freebord_jkp_short Uploaded by DrScaramanga