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represent tour

On The Road
May 26, 2008

Scottsdale and Fountain Hills Represent

Scottsdale/FountainHills Represent Uploaded by FreebordVideos John Laudin and Bob Glashan cruised the FB toaster over to Scottsdale with Kevin and met up with Stephen and Nicholas. They showed us sick runs in gated communities we never would have seen! After Scottsdale Kevin took off and the four of us were…
On The Road
May 21, 2008


Jon and I were in Grenoble on Sunday for one of our last tour stops on the French Represent Tour. Ten riders showed up to ride, we had BBQ at the top of the first hill, and then we rode at different locations in order to avoid the rain. That…
On The Road
May 20, 2008

Represent National Parks

Freebord National Parks Uploaded by FreebordVideos John Laudin and Bob Glashan freebording in zion, bryce, and grand canyons. The views were too good not to capture even if the roads were garbage. Some irish lady asked us if were were "surfing" the pathways of bryce, hahahahaha!
On The Road
May 20, 2008

Back in the alps

After roaming on the south coast of France, the french tour went back to the Alps... Briançon is a small town in the middle of big ski resorts like Serre Chevalier. The crew is getter bigger and better every summer. Their roads are pretty crazy... It's good to play with…
On The Road
May 18, 2008

Camarillo, CA Represent!

Camarilloweb Uploaded by FreebordVideos Bob Glashan and John Laudin hook up with local Camarillo, CA riders Grant(mammothrider), Evan(air53), and their crew for a shred sesh in front of evan's house. His neighborhood is full of sick hills as you can see.
On The Road
May 14, 2008

Brussels without cars = happy Freeborders

On May 11th, the city center of Brussels was closed to all cars. Laurent "low-rent" De Zutter and crew were there holding it down for the Freebord Represent Tour '08. Thanks Laurent! Freebord Represent Tour '08 in Brussels Uploaded by KlaviculeProductions Riders : Laurent, Loik, Arnaud, Benoit, Max, Jacques, Peet,…