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August 11, 2010

Rep Tour West Coast Continues…

The B Team has taken over Dethbox and getting ready to hit some more West Coast hot spots. Next stops on the Represent Tour USA 2010: *This Weekend!* Aug. 14 - San Francisco, CA Where: 455 Irwin St., San Francisco, CA When: 11:00 am Saturday, August 14th Organizers: Steve Draper…
On The Road
July 6, 2008

Portland, Oregon Represent

Portland, Oregon Represent Uploaded by FreebordVideos John Laudin And Steve Bianco hit up Roger Hernandez A.K.A "Rogue(rouge)Roger" and hooked up with him out in Portland, Oregon. Not only does Roger's family rule but his son shreds! Thanks to all the riders and rides! Props to the Hernandez gang for putting…