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September 24, 2009

Brussels Without Cars Day

Props to Low-rent and the Twin Skate Shop crew for holding it down on Brussels' Day Without cars. Check out the edit below. The steepest street in Belgium is gnarly!! Freebord - Brussels Without Cars 20/09/09 from Laurent De Zutter on Vimeo.
On The Road
May 14, 2008

Brussels without cars = happy Freeborders

On May 11th, the city center of Brussels was closed to all cars. Laurent "low-rent" De Zutter and crew were there holding it down for the Freebord Represent Tour '08. Thanks Laurent! Freebord Represent Tour '08 in Brussels Uploaded by KlaviculeProductions Riders : Laurent, Loik, Arnaud, Benoit, Max, Jacques, Peet,…