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February 11, 2015

Old CHoE videos still kills

Last July CHoE dropped this beautiful beast of a video. It features Fuga Moods and Naim Chenguiti riding an intense sidewalk in Lausanne, Switzerland. Make sure you watch in HD! Post by CHoE.
On The Road
August 2, 2008

100Km (66 miles)

It all started at a party during the Team Week : - Tomorow is the last day of the Team Week, let's ride as much as we can ! - Do you think we can ride 100km of different hills in a day ? - Let's do this !!! So...…
July 25, 2008

Freebord at Burton Summer Camp

Arnaud is coaching Freebord on Burton Summer Camps in les 2 Alpes (France). Most campers are testing the bord, and after a few minutes they are all able to ride the nice alpine hills. Check this short video of some campers having fun on freebords. Freebord on Summer Camp Uploaded…
June 20, 2008

Arnaud Blin: Vive la Freebord

Freebord Team Rider Profile Name: Arnaud Blin(g) Age: 22 Location: Nancy, France Freebord setup - what do you ride? Revolt 80, S2 bindings Your best Freebord move: Riding in the subway to escape from the ticket inspectors. Influences in life? Fengshui If you could have any company sponsor to go…