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Switzerland Represent

By October 7, 2008May 19th, 20146 Comments

Special guest post today from Swiss rider Dominic aka Gwenvael:

25 riders from Switzerland, Austria and Germany recently rolled out to the first Represent Switzerland ride. Located in the heart of the Swiss alps, on the top of 11km of Swiss cheddahhh, the group had a hella sick weekend. After the first run the cops showed up and forbade us to ride on that road, but as usual we ended up doing it anyway. Thanks to everyone who showed up and didn’t mind driving for 7h to get there, props to Denis for recovering so fast from his concussion and special thanks to fellow German rider Robert who hooked us up with some super tasty meals! We wrote Swiss Freebord history!

Represent Switzerland – Carì 2008 from Dominic Bossart on Vimeo.

Edit by Dominic Bossart


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