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Dear blog,

Bently Anderson here with my first official blog article. Please excuse my poor grammar and lack of big words. In this post I will share a few photos, stories, and a short video. A couple weeks ago I edited a 45 second version of the full length feature Stoke The Flame. 

The 2014 team trip was composed of a week-long road trip from  Freebord mfg to Seattle, Washington. The chaperones of the journey were former team manager Justin Oliver and his right hand man Matt Reyes. Within the first 24 hours of the team trip the following people had received a ticket for trespassing: Austin Pachaud, Mike Hoppe, Bently Anderson, David Schiotis, Daniel Clay, Corey Lucero, and Caleb Casey. We made the mistake of collectively skating on an illegal spillway. Within 30 minutes there was a helicopter overhead and two vehicles blocking our exit. On a side note… we decided to visit the spillway without Justin Oliver. It was an interesting way to start a team trip..

The general theme of our trip was, “choose your own adventure.” After our encounter with the park rangers we decided to head north. Throughout the trip we received several hill recommendations from local longboarders. Needless to say, we explored a handful of hills with a max speed of 30-32 mph. Whenever asking downhill skaters for hill recommendations it is necessary to ask for something that is “technical.” This special word implies that the hill is steep, has a couple of turns, and that it will be necessary to slide.


I hope you enjoyed my 45 second rendition of the video Stoke The Flame. If you have any comments, concerns, insults, or suggestions please submit something in the space provided below..

Bently Anderson

I was in need of an after school activity and discovered Freebord.

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