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Spread the Shred UK 2017

Starting on May 27th, the UK crew embarked on a 10-day STS tour.  On the hunt for bigger and better hills, they got the chance to sample a lot of different terrain. Dutch Freeborder extraordinaire, Remco van der Lee came through all the way from his home country, the Netherlands, to join the fun.

Here’s what he had to say: It was insane! Benjamin and Sonia turned it into a week trip where we road tripped all over the UK on a spot quest. Definitely recommended as a bucket list STS for all Freeborders. Very nice drops and good variation. Some are very steep and narrow, others are more scenic and mellow. But I guess for me as a Dutch rider everything is steeper than my home spots!
Hunter Pawlaczyk

Moved from Vermont to California in 2014, started at Freebord Mfg in March 2017. Freeborder, snowboarder, longboarder, hop enthusiast.

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