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Spread the Shred San Francisco 2017

Freebord HQ was host to a shredsational STS stop this year.  Riders from all over Northern CA cruised through to meet up at the factory to shred thane  and hang with the pro team.  After a quick round-up here at the factory, the crew headed to the Sunset to hit the first spot, a classic for SF Freeborders.

Riders who made it to the event got the privilege of bombing the steep streets with the likes of Shred Grandpa Russ Richerson, Bently Anderson of Entitlement Urethane, and a handful of guys from the 2017 Freebord Pro Team.  After getting our fill of thrill from that hill, we rolled south to the outskirts of the city to keep spreading the shred.  Hills were bombed, spins were spun, and good times were had!

After that, it was time to hydrate and feed the crew.  Dethbox led the convoy back to the factory for beers and barbeque.  It was one to remember, and got everyone stoked for the upcoming FRA’s 2017.  Check out this year’s official STS vid!

Here’s a few shots from the event:

Everyone had a blast this year.  It was a sick event, and got everyone stoked for FRA 2017.  Stay tuned for more shred news, next year’s event is sure to be dope!

Hunter Pawlaczyk

Moved from Vermont to California in 2014, started at Freebord Mfg in March 2017. Freeborder, snowboarder, longboarder, hop enthusiast.

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