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It was another blue bird day in Colorado, and the hills were waiting! We had a more compact group this year, which allowed us to easily cruise around an area with endless riding options. Niall McNiece wins the furthest traveled award coming all the way from Steamboat Springs. He started off going so hard he delaminated both of his center wheels on the 2nd hill. Fortunately, he not only brought an extra Bord, but I had a fresh set of 72mm Freebord Boro centers for him.

Continuing onto the next set of hills, we took turns driving the Subie and rode non-stop for quite a while. We took a small break after our longboarding friend Davy Roland scrubbed off some of his butt cheek sliding out on a turn. He decided to patch up at the end of the day, so we headed off to one of the biggest hills in the area. Cory Heir showed this hill to me back in 2008, and he slays it like no other. I couldn’t wait to hit it, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It’s a leg burner, usually hit it in sections. Vinny Campenella was so stoked on it though, he rode all the way to the bottom right off the bat. After sessioning that spot till our hearts were content, we decided to head back toward our meeting area to finish off the ride.

On one of the last hills, Davy scrubbed the same spot on his butt again, and was calling it a day. We were all feeling a little worn, and agreed to wrap up with some burritos and beers. As we were loading up, we decided not to let the dope ramp Niall made go to waste. I had a mini session on it before he headed back to Steamboat. It was a super fun day of riding and I can’t wait to get shredding with those dudes again. Enough words though, check out the video!

Corey Lucero

Going down hills on six wheels for more than a decade. Freeborder for life. I'm not paranoid, but you might catch me looking over my shoulder while sliding.

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