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Spread the Shred Italia Encore


As you may have seen in my last article about the Italian STS ride, Italy had a pretty amazing turnout at their recent Spread the Shred event.  So much so, that another video was edited to try and showcase all the action.

This is the Italian edit, by Soul Kite, and features some nice aerial footage, a few sick freestyle segments, tons of riders, several close calls, and a super stoked community.

After watching this video, and the location of all these sick hills, I need to get back to Europe STAT!   Check out the video below, and let’em know what you think in the comment section.



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  • Davide Gennaro says:

    Thank you, i really appreciate the article. It was a great event. 26 riders from Germany and France also, all together, one passion. Hope to See you in Europe as soon as possible. Spread The Spread worldwide!!!

  • Fugamoods says:

    Thanks to Choe crew, and Reset crew, for sharing the footage…. this is the real huge multimedia-video-sharing cooperation! YEAH!

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