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Rider Profile: Jacque Rodriguez

By August 30, 2012May 19th, 201415 Comments

It’s not often we see solid female riders — or any female riders for that matter — reach out to us. So when Jacque Rodriguez hit us up asking why there weren’t more female Freeborders like her, we asked her to put together a little video and answer a few of our questions in hopes of inspiring some girls to pick up the sport.


Freebord: How old are you?
Jacque: 28

Freebord: Where do you live?
Jacque: Portland, Oregon

Freebord: What’s you favorite riding spot?
Jacque: Washington Park (Zoo Bomb!) The TriMet Max Light Rail takes you back up the hill— it’s like a snowboard lift— it takes you back up to the top.

Freebord: What’s your board setup?
Jacque: I’m riding a 75 cm right now.

Freebord: How did you get started?
Jacque: I’ve always loved snowboarding– I’ve been snowboarding for 15 years. Once I found out about the Freebord and tried it– it was over— I loved it! 🙂

Freebord: How long have you been riding?
Jacque: 1 year– I picked up the board at the beginning of Summer 2011. I haven’t been riding very long. I’ve never skated or longboarded before either—so it’s been interesting.

Freebord: What’s your favorite thing about Freebord?
Jacque: Snowboarding the streets! I love to bomb hills!!! To shred the hills, to carve around, to do some circles, to surf the walls, it’s like–it’s like bacon! The asphalt is a little different than snow but you get used to it.

Freebord: What would you say to girls thinking about getting into the sport?
Jacque: GO GIRLS! Freebording is just like snowboarding! It’s a great time to hang out with friends and jump on a board– to bomb hills– escape the world and enjoy being outdoors. Like snowboarding– it’s a lifestyle– it’s a state of mind– it’s the places you go– and the people you meet. I like that it is free– there are no lift tickets to pay for. Any hill becomes your mountain.

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