Reminder: Rideaholic Videos Due 7/26

By July 12, 2010May 19th, 2014One Comment

Two weekends left… better get filming!

While we wait for BSV entries, we thought we’d do a quick, less serious video contest for those of you that aren’t professional videographers (or videographers in training).

This one’s for the crews out there – born out of Frenchman Arnaud’s love of wine.

Mission: Film and edit a 2 minute video of you and your crew Freebording down a hill, while drinking and passing a bottle of wine/beer/alcohol/milk. Make sure to show all the components of the Freebord ride (carving, sliding, 360s, etc.). 1686 crew tried this feat in one shot but we think you can do better. More passing! Better riding! Bigger bottles!

Due Date: July 26th, 2010. Upload your video to vimeo or Youtube and email the link to [email protected]

Prize: Each member of the winning crew will get a wheel kit, decal sheet and custom made crew-specific t-shirt.

*Ride responsibly and know your limits. Wear protective gear, especially a helmet.


About Freebord

Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.

One Comment

  • Johnfreebordertn says:

    I got an entry with Dub and Nashvegas but I was just filming am I still considered part of the crew? I think
    I should since the video wouldn’t have happened without me! I will be sending the link tommorrow. Let me know
    if I have a shot at the prize or if Im just doing it for fun either way I’ll be submitting it.

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