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R.I.P. Sam Trowbridge

By April 21, 2012May 19th, 20146 Comments

One year ago today, Sam Trowbridge, our friend and team rider, passed away from a traumatic head injury suffered while Freebording. Sam was not wearing a helmet when the accident occurred.

Sam’s death hit us hard, and not a day passes where we don’t think about him and the impact he’s had on our sport and our lives. Sam was the kind of guy who always brought a positive attitude to everything he did, a quality evident from how many friends and fans Sam accumulated in his 20 years.

Today, Sam’s presence lives on in his videos and the Wear a Helmet 4ST campaign, where Sam serves as a reminder to everyone to wear a helmet every time they ride. Albeit bittersweet, we find comfort in Sam leading the charge for helmet advocacy within the Freebord community because it ensures his legacy will live on.

Whether you were a casual observer of his videos or one of his close friends, please take a moment today to think about Sam and what kind of impact he’s had on you.

R.I.P., Sam. We miss you, buddy!

a sam trowbride film from Freebord Mfg. on Vimeo.


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