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Nominees for 09 Rider Awards

By August 28, 2009May 19th, 201424 Comments

We decided to do something a little different this year, and add a new category for Rider Awards. Rookie and Rider of the year just weren’t covering it enough, so we’ve added another category, Standout of the Year. A Standout is someone who’s definitely not a rookie, not a team member, but a ripper nonetheless. Someone who we’ve found ourselves talking about more than once and whose riding has team potential written all over it.

Without further ado – your 2009 FRA nominees:

Rookie of the Year 09
Riders who have come up on the scene in the past year/ year and a half

  • Tyler Murgo
  • Mike DePhillips
  • Richie Verost

Standout of the Year 09
Riders who have been Freebording for a while, but are killing it more than ever this year

  • Corey Lucero
  • Nico Gaillard

Rider of the Year 09
Team riders from 2009

  • Flo Bonin
  • Bob Glashan
  • Mike Hoppe
  • Roberto Lopez
  • Justin Oliver
  • Martin Svidernoch

Congrats to all the nominees, and thank you to everyone else who submitted themselves or others. Winners will be announced on World Freebord Day, Saturday Sept. 5th, at the FRA party in San Francisco.


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