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More Prizes For Freebord The Game Contest

By July 13, 2011May 19th, 20143 Comments

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the Freebord Game contest so far! We never would have expected so many people playing Freebord The Game at once. In the past few days 4,000 plays have been registered and FreebordMAD has over 50 new friends on Kongregate.

New:  Freebord-Germany will sponsor more prizes. There are five G3 base plates to win!
1st Place: Da Blues wheels
2nd Place – 5th Place: G3 baseplate
1st Place among girl players: G3 baseplate  (shipping available WORLDWIDE for all prizes)

The contest ends Sunday, July 17th.

How to place your score in the table: Make a huge trick on what ever level you want AND FINISH THE LEVEL (the level score which you get is not important, only the score of your best trick in this run).

How to check your score: On the right, near the game window you will find a few tabs, one of them is “HIGH SCORES”. In the high scores tab you can select the score table “0. Best Trick Ever”. There you can select the “This Week” tab.

Go for it:





Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.


  • FreebordMAD says:

    Thanks again to every body who is in this!!! xD

    Little Update:
    Plays: 5000
    New friends: 67

    Current Leaders Boys:
    132k – nilsouk/Nils (Kongregate somehow removed his score, I suppose they thought he cheated but he didn’t! 😉
    84k – Pasi123/Pascal
    46k – shred92/Philipp
    41k – Subsystem/Mario
    40k – moritz1200/PLEASE CONTACT ME

    Current Leaders Girls:
    55k – bianca 92/PLEASE CONTACT ME
    ??? – are there more girls, hard to see on user name 😉

  • FreebordMAD says:

    moritz1200 and congrejo are you freeborders? Did you participate?

  • FreebordMAD says:

    The winners are:

    1. 132k – nilsouk / Benetto Nils / France (Da Blues Wheels)
    2. 101k – Pasi123 / Pascal Graner / Germany (baseplate)
    3. 67k – Indi1337 / Patrick Giuseppe / Germany (baseplate)
    4. 65k – shred92 / Philipp Marx / Germany (baseplate)
    5. 58k – moritz1200 / Moritz Frasch / Germany (baseplate)

    1. 64k – Bianca92 / Bianca St / Germany (baseplate)
    2. 56k – ktaa / Ktaa Wiest / Germany (special prize)

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