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Enter The Reel Mike

So now that I am full-time and fully fledged here at Freebord, I figured it may be time to introduce myself to the scene. My name is Mike Schmitt, I am a shredder, designer, cyclist, skater, idea-man, filmer, explorer, and now a border. Although I have not ridden a Freebord down a hill yet or farther than 100 feet; I decided to put together an edit of me bording the block. I had a ton of fun filming for this and can’t wait to put out more content for the scene. Be sure to stay tuned cause we got a whole lot more where this came from.

When I’m not at Freebord you can catch me hanging with my dog Egg, eating vegetables, riding my bike or getting lost in nature.

The Reel Mike

The new guy on the Freebord block but a seasoned veteran in shredology. Served time in the trenches of the streets; skating, biking and boarding. I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass; and I'm all out of bubblegum.

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