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A message from David Schoitis

What’s up my fellow Freeborders! This is David Schiotis writing to you about my recent trip from Long Beach, California to Salt Lake City, Utah to visit the Wasatch Freebord Crew.

First off, a big thanks to Freebord MFG for giving me the opportunity to shred some Utah pavement, and meet more awesome people who are a part of this Freebord Community. Also have to say thank you to the awesome people, who are the members of the Wasatch Freebord Crew: Caleb Casey, Abby Bloomer, Jason Van’t Rood, Hunter Moore, Brittany Young, and Topher Archibald. They were all great hosts who showed me some of the best that Utah had to offer.
Simply put the trip involved some beautiful scenery, sick hills, off-road Freebording, converting Longboarders, delicious meatloaf burgers, low percentage beer, genuine people (Wasatch homies), and creepy vibes (space Jesus and Mormon infested in-n-out of Provo.)
Check out the edit, Wasatch at Our Gates down below, and follow me @davidschiotis on Instagram for more Freebord clips.

Wasatch at Our Gates

Marcus Sanchez

multimedia artist / production monkey with an adrenaline problem. I'm all about bombing and technical riding. When I'm not riding I'm either doing something involving design and motion graphics or being attacked by my daughter.


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