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Spread The Shred 2017 Melbourne

The spread the shred tour has begun and the Melbourne riders put it down, but don’t take our word for it see for yourself. Many more stops to come on the Freebord spread the shred tour 2017, so stay tuned and stay shreddy my friends.

Here are  a few words from Shaune Whelan 

“1st Stop on the Spread The Shred Tour…..
An awesome day out for Mad Fuck’n Bastards/Bitches Crew (MFBC)
We had an epic shred, a ton of fun…a few bruises, and a broken toe! Though it was all worth it….
Half our time was in the park, the other in the carpark.
The edit reflects this……”

Here are a Few pictures of the shred

Marcus Sanchez

multimedia artist / production monkey with an adrenaline problem. I'm all about bombing and technical riding. When I'm not riding I'm either doing something involving design and motion graphics or being attacked by my daughter.


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