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Freebord: Out of Snow to Asphalt

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Great article from (in Brazil). Thanks to Rafael and the BMF Crew!

Freebord: Out of Snow to Asphalt

The Freebord is a board that is designed to recreate the movements and exercises performed on the snowboard, in the streets. The lightness of its movements provides the rider with a sense of freedom that is very similar to riding on snow.

In the beginning .. .

The Freebord was developed in the mid 1990s, the period in which there were the X-Games. In this boiling period of extreme sports, a group of snowboarders and inventors met under the direction of Steen Strand and created a unique sport, known in English as freebording. Essentially, Strand wanted to combine the grace and ease of lateral movement of the snowboard with the possibility of fun throughout the year with the skateboard.

In earlier years, the sport had great acceptance by practitioners of sports with boards – the “boardsports” freebord and began to win more supporters mainly in the U.S. West Coast, especially in California.

Being a very recent sport – began to be practiced in the United States for less than two decades. Nonetheless, this sport considered a new kind of surfboard on wheels, as winning thousands of practitioners worldwide. Many Brazilians also are switching to freebord, which can be practiced in the streets, avenues and mainly good slopes (which should have a good quality asphalt).

According to Rafael Ribeiro, freebord practitioner in Belo Horizonte, there are no official championships in Brazil and worldwide, “What in the world of freebord are” CREWS “, a group of friends who form a team to enjoy the sport, to travel, exchange information, challenges, events, promotions, contests, among other actions. All in favor of sport and the evolution of the sport, “explains Rafael had met the sport in America through videos, influenced by the likes of snowboarding, sport very similar to the freebord, which only played in the snow.

Techniques and sports equipment

Regarding the more technical aspect of the equipment, the outside wheels of Freeboard simulate the edges of a snowboard, while the two-wheeled power must rotate 360​​°, simulating an almost total lack of adhesion, an almost free of friction with the soil, as occurs with the snowboard while in contact with the slippery surface of the snow.

As in snowboarding and other sports with the board, in the freebord is very important to put pressure on the edges to make the curves. Moreover, there is no need to leave Brazil to feel these emotions with a strong rush. Like any extreme sport, practice should be done very safely and with the appropriate protective gear, especially helmets.


Freestyle: the slide is free with the board on the slopes without the need to meet goals or overcome obstacles. In this case, the board can have 75, 80 or 85 inches long.

Downhill: The board used this modality is longer, allows a smoother swing and greater speed.

One of the great exponents of the sport attracts attention. Rafael Ribeiro likes of Arnaud DeBluze (FRA), Mike Hoppe (USA), Justin Oliver (USA) and the late Sam Trowbridge, already made ​​history in the sport. There is also a professional team that is the mark FREEBORD (U.S.)

There is the distribution of the same here in Brazil the site:

For those interested in doing or learn more about the Freebord in Brazil:



Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.


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