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Freebord on FuelTV

By November 20, 2009May 19th, 201422 Comments

For the rest of November and part of December, Freebord will be running this 15 sec ad on FuelTV! Look for us starting November 23rd during Built to Shred, American Misfits and FStop (6:00pm – 8:00pm ET).


Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.


  • Nash says:

    FUCK RIGHT!!!!! great little vid there. is it going to have the website on it?

  • Cudds says:

    Wait a minute…hover boards?!

  • scrub says:

    should showcase more huge hills and freestyle. i would get the impression by watching this that freebording is all about spinning and sliding.

  • scrub says:

    Oh, and once again….I must say I am sooooo much cooler then all of you. That is all…..

  • mike d says:

    nooooice! this is great exposure for the company.

    agree with scrub, an ad with more freestyle would be a lot more appealing to the audience of fuel TV. where’s the swedish steeze at?

  • Steve says:

    I hate to say….. I feel it looks weak. and that it needs more pop! WE ARE FREEBORD! someone else please speak up!

  • byrdo says:

    sliding is freebording, that was sick, and sliding is what got me into freebording, sliding like a snowboard is what’s appealing to people.

  • $pliffzz says:

    dammit i dont have fuel tv at my parents house

  • tim says:

    I would tear this apart but then it would sound like I am just complaining. See the thing is I care about this company like most of do more then we care about any other product out there. Thats why I have been involved with freebord since 1999. We as freebords all know what makes this board tick and when we see something that doesnt quite live up to our feeling of the ride we inherently get annoyed. There are a few factors at play here one the editor doesnt know shit about freebord and just was handed stock clips and a song that I used for the behind the scenes 8bit video. This will produce results that are arguably totally fine for the mass audience, but will most likely be ineffective in really sending the message Freebord should be sending. Second and this is more then likely the biggest reason Freebord has not grown in the past few years at a substantial rate.. Freebord for the past 8 or 9 years has always relied on its rider base to produce its footage which in general cases this is totally fine. However leaving everything up to the community to drive the video production side for absolutely no compensation is slowly killing the company. The strategy to just leave it up to the rider base to one day produce a clip that does exactly what Freebord needs for any given advertisement or marketing plan is silly.

    My predictions are if Freebord wants to grow they need to fucking stop wasting their efforts on high budget marketing like fuel tv ads, overproduced neon tetris videos, mag ads, ect.. The company hasnt even gone out and actually filmed the product with real dollars behind it. It just hopes someone like joe lawry, or stevie b, myself, or any other countless kid with a video camera can capture the ride they way freebord needs it to be.. Im not bashing any of our skill levels, but non of us can film like a mack dawg production company. Next the product besides the facelift and the inversion of the bearing insert has not changed since I started riding. The product has fallen short of its potential and the lack of research and design on a constant and regular level is amazing to me that the company didnt tank 3 years ago. For any company to be successfull and to continue to not only keep the die hard customers buying product and bring in new customers frequently they need to stay ahead of the times or at least with the times is by applying current materials and processes. Why would a new customer buy a Freebord for $230+ when they can get a dope looking longboard that uses better construction, and aesthetic design methods for $150? I can tell you why they wouldnt buy a freebord, but that list could go on forever. Further more why would a current customer need to buy new product other then wheels and the occasional deck every few years? Again I can tell you why they wouldnt buy new product, but you’d have to be a dumbass to not know that answer.

    Just to clarify to anyone who got through this shit that I am just giving my constructive feedback and trying to open the eyes and ears of everyone involved in this company. The business side of Freebord and not expect to grow when they put the other half of the company on the backburner. Both the marketing dept. and the design dept. have to work together and build a plan that utilizes new product and video to market the company. In turn you will have the content to blow the fucking doors off fuel tv ads, and viral videos…

    I really hope one day Freebord pulls out of this economic bullshit and kills it around the world..

  • Cudds says:

    I love Tim

  • Joe says:

    …give me a budget and I can film like the mack dawg filmers…

  • Stevie-b says:

    Wow Tim, I thought you knew better…..I’m not going to even go in to it here I’ll just talk to you in person because I don’t like typing forever…But I do agree with you on some aspects of your essay-long reply.

  • Cudds says:

    Team members should have more responsibility to hype up the scene 🙂

  • i’d just like to say i ride almost EVERY DAY! that’s how much i love this sport.

    and as most of you know, i lived in Idaho just a year and a half ago. and from a Western standpoint, yes, i would agree that Freebording is barely growing, if at all out there. but since i’ve moved to TN, and got involved, i’ve seen the sport grow exponentially! out here on the ice coast, it seems to me that Freebord is blowing up! and at a fast rate! but here’s about the only place. about 3 or 4 states-wide.

    i agree with Sean. Freebord should get somebody that knows what they’re doing to get some filming done. i think an invite-only ride in San Fran for about a week of STRAIGHT RIDING, no partying, completely focused one week of riding and going over footy at night and planning the next day, would do some crazy good! i think Joe’s claim actually has some clarity to it. i think if we got Joe and Steve(the Bay) together, got this invite-only ride together, then we could have real good chance at getting some AMAZING shots, AMAZING articles, AMAZING commercials, and i really think we could get a Mack Dawg quality full-length video on our hands. now THAT would do the industry some good. and i am by NO lengths saying that Freebord should pay for all of this. they deff should pay for a lot of it, like back the filming(i.e. Macs, editing software, cameras) but i don’t think we’ll need too much of that, Joe and Steve, plus MANY others in the community have some good HD stuff. but i know that i, for one, if i was lucky enough to get an invite, would have no problem at all finding my own way to Cali. and i’m sure others wouldn’t either. just tell the invite-ees way ahead of time, like at least 3 months, and i’m sure we could all figure something out.

    does anyone else think this would be a good idea?

  • John says:

    Mack Dawg or Brain Farm. Whatever works.

  • Sean says:

    rocky, if you are able to do amazing shit with your camera then you are able to get peoples attention, things like remote controlled boom’s cost $$$ for one or two shots in a vid but in the long term arguably pay for them selves if you have someone who is able to use it then people who are able to edit it. Does anyone out there have the balls on them to hit a mega ramp??? i know it sounds stupid saying that but being able to jump something like that would get some serious skate media attention. Freebord needs to get that shit out there and if people have the drive to do things and make things that are amazing and going to get some attention for the sport then they need to support it and help organise for them to go out and do it

  • jazzmen says:

    just read through Tim’s statement.
    think you might be too involved. I just found out about freeboarding last summer. if i had seen any ad filmed by anybody any earlier I would have been riding for a couple of years already.
    I get what message you wanna bring across but as for this spot, i think it’s a good thing cause I it looks dope and people will get curious and check it out.
    I would have brought the snowboard element into it cause that’s what drawn me into it.

  • RockyMtnDreams says:

    hey Sean, if i got the opportunity, i think i could hit a mega ramp. at least the smaller one. i actually WANT to… like really bad! but getting permission to hit one of those is no small task. if some one can hook us up with a chance, i’m down to try! not bragging, but i think i might actually be the most qualified to.

  • Cudds says:

    god damnit…I thought today was the 23rd

  • Jibunit says:

    fffuck how’d i miss this blog post?!?

  • adam says:

    I agree with tim but at the same time i dont……………. i think if some of us out there really spent time in a produced freebord film com. …etc. whatever we would have a mack dawwg quality video easy its really not that difficult but im speaking for a lot or most of you we have jobs we have other things in our life high budget films take time money equipment and travel and thats just to film it then it takes editing advertisement alot of crap but with that being said fuel tv is a great outlet i think the commercial was dope it got my attention made me want more so im going to find out more kind of thing freebord has always been like that for me …”this bord is amazing i love why has no one heard of it” blow it up but then i thought it might turn into a imforercial late at night you will see it next to the trike ripstick and razor scooters…….and no one wants that for freebord no one wants to go into walmart to get a new deck what we all want is to grow the sport with riders progression and income for our friends at fb

  • Sean says:

    look, i have the access to gear, the time (i got 4 days a week for the next 4 years) to work on something good for freebord if the demand is there thats dead set it, if freebord wants something i will fuking do it

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