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As great as Colorado is for Snowboarding, it is equally great for Freebording. The summer quickly approached, and Abasin closed up for the last day of the season. The transition to Freebord was upon us. Itching to get back to shredding, I set up a few demo/group ride events. The first three have been a blast. Finding new hills to shred, and meeting other riders to hit them with is hard to beat. With amazing weather and seemingly endless hills, summer Freebording in Colorado fills the void in our hearts left by the melting snow. With more rides happening throughout the summer, the Freebord stoke will be full blown. Demo rides will be going on just about every weekend in different locations all over Colorado.  If you find yourself in the lovely state of Colorado, drop us a line to link up with the crew and we’ll show you around! Check out the Freebord Colorado Facebook group for upcoming demo days in your area!

Corey Lucero

Going down hills on six wheels for more than a decade. Freeborder for life. I'm not paranoid, but you might catch me looking over my shoulder while sliding.

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