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Flatspot Presents Forecast

By October 8, 2009May 19th, 201417 Comments

…the long awaited release is finally here.

Flatspot presents Forecast
Two and a half years in the making, featuring the best of the ’06, ’07 and ’08 seasons. Filmed in New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK and the USA. Released as a super limited run of 100 copies that includes photos, a strip of 8mm film and a color booklet. $10 on the Freebordstore.

Running time: 24mins + over an hour of extras including FRA06, FRA07, FRA08, Eurotour and the Reset.

A film by: Ben Marshall, Rob Brady, Adam Jones, Joe Lawry, Dane Wells, Joe Kane, Rob Hanson, Manou Giquel, Justin Maury, Justin Oliver, Steve Griggs, Caleb Sharp, Mike Hoppe, Luke Howell, Sam Trowbridge, Paul Davies, Duncan Wright, Arnaud Blin, Florian Bonin and friends.


Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.


  • melendy says:

    i love being right…

  • Jibunit says:


  • JOHN says:


  • Stevie-b says:

    Dude whoever took those pics is fucking sick!! Nice job!

  • cielo says:

    The following is sarcasm:

    It was nice to wait so long, till we had seen virtually all the footy already or it was so old we didn’t want to see it any more, and to have Filmed for sure the money shots in my hometown; and not be mentioned in the credits….really nice
    to bad the CHoE video is a GIVER (FREE) packed with steep scenic, spots, and awesome riding.

    and the flatspot vid is just a good video, but features very outdated footy and inundated with “flatspots” (footy from towns with little or no hills)= a tad boring.

    not being a hater, I liked it. and I may have a different attitude if my name was in the credits for the shots used. Sure I wont make any friends talking like that…. O well I am entitled to my opinion.
    and I know more then one person who agrees with me 😀

    what we need is for Flatspot to come out with a video every year, and hoard all the footy so we don’t know it, Then FLATSPOT would be pure money. one more time it was a good video and I would be honored to have a copy in my library….

  • Joe says:


    fuck off with your sarcasm. its not needed here. You obviously have no idea how long a dvd with footage from around the world (IE Multiple formats/frame rates) has to make.

    Neither did we 2 years ago, we soon found out however.

    Im sure the only people who agree with you are CHoE. And im sorry to say that CHoEs last video was so fucking boring that the DVD player at FRA09 turned itself off because it got bored the video… and so did the audience.

    Lots of love.

    Your Pal


  • sean says:

    about fucking time 😀 i hope its worth the wait guys i been hanging out since i started rideing to see this so i hope its worth all the hype. (fuck you guys i was gonna realease a vid today but now i gotta wait till all the flatspot rejoyceing is over)

  • mike d says:

    siiiiick! im so stoked that there are freebord dvds coming out… ill be sure to support.

  • Dcans the Dman says:

    This is truly the greatest movie ever. Buy it or die.

  • Mäx says:

    @ Joe,

    …in my opinion the choe team is the best freebord team in the world right now! The video is not boring its fuckin sick…

    There are great single riders all over the world too but not in one team!

    I can imagina how long it takes to bring out a dvd, and I thank you guys who did it, but two years are pretty much for dvd expecially if you sell it later…

  • skotopes says:

    Torrent please.. 🙂

  • cielo says:

    and being rude or atacking me personaly doesent change any thing I said I stand by it 100% It was all fact: actually not even an opinion
    and I quote my self: pay attention this is important to the success of the next video for audiences around the world
    “what we need is for Flatspot to come out with a video every year, and hoard all the footy so we don’t know it, Then FLATSPOT would be pure money. one more time it was a good video and I would be honored to have a copy in my library….”


    lota love here….
    and that bullshit about the CHoE vid is… well hilarious
    I’m sure it was some sort of conspiracy with not showing the full vid 😀 and I could care less, we all sat thru the flatspot video… (hours before you guy’s watched it) AND we jumped up and down hooting and hollering in the good parts. I liked the movie and said so many time in many places
    previously. yea the CHoE vid was so good you couldnt see it… that makes total sense….

  • cielo says:

    For the record I am very sorry my comment(s) seemed negative,
    it was a little personal sarcasm and the rest was meant to be constructive criticism the kind a good friend gives you; to help you…. not to cause hurt.
    I really like this video and would be watching it right now if I could…
    once, was for sure not enough.

    I would also like to say; the forecast video is the only freebord video that can appeal to a much wider audience. Please remember our sport is not quite as flashy as the big ones with lots of money. In fact we riders may be the only audience for a video like the CHoE video; (outsiders cant appreciate switch bombing or park freestyle) People who haven’t freeborded have no idea how hard that stuff is. In a world where the biggest name sporting sponsors are constantly making free advertisement videos, in magazines, or available at shops. So we really need Flatspot!!! it is the key to share our sport with common folk. We as riders must buy every last one.
    To support the cause…
    Give them as christmas gifts to kids in your family,
    Get it playing at your local SK8 shop,
    Get it to study so your next vid will be better edited,
    Get copies and have them signed by your favorite pro next September!
    Get it & Give it.
    remember there is only one first and we are alive to see it, to be part of it,
    don’t let history pass you by…
    I wish I could buy 5 right now…

    there I hoppe 😀 that is enough to set the record straight…

  • skotopes says:

    Get it playing at your local SK8 shops..
    Thats why i need a DVD torrent..)

  • Jerry says:

    Men! Cool to read and try to understand all what you say! I also want to say something about this video. Like said Cielo, WE (all freebord community) need this video because she’s destinated to a larger public. She’s more easy to look for every body (not riders and riders).
    I found when we saw it interessant and (funny: i think to, excuse me, the gay parts) but it’s a litlle strange for me (also for Cielo i think) to see this images that we recorded together in switzerland with a lot of pleasure when we began freebording be produced on a Not FREE video 2 years later. But it’s also nice to see that what we made is apreciate when the others produce it!!

    For sure when i’ll know how i can buy it in switzerland, i’ll do it too, for many reasons.

    1. I liked this video, i must say, to make a long video like this the only way was to take pictures from different people.

    2. I BELEVE in FREEBORD like all of us and i want it come greater every day, i make a lot for that, just trying to make it knowed in switzerland (and that’s a hard job, here we are slow… 😉 ) And really i don’t know you guys from freebord USA (i hope i will) but i hope you understand it we are with you here (in switzerland) men, we try to make your market bigger (because we want to be more to ride) and we all have the same feeling when we’re freebording, all!!

    So i end my fucking shitty message so bad writed, i hope you understand what i wanted to say = nothing else than we’re all freebord!!

    So i shut up, Drop in!!!!!!!!

  • dreadlessrasta says:

    10 dollars is cheap
    Packaging is great
    It’s a must have for anybody that doesn’t follow the scene, or doesn’t have internet.
    It’s an awesome documentary about gay freebording all around the world.

    Stop beiing bitches to each other, do love not war.

  • scratchy says:

    “Stop beiing bitches to each other, do love not war.”


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