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Europe Learn to Ride Tour 2010

By April 27, 2010May 19th, 201410 Comments

This summer, Freebord Europe is going on the road for a Learn to Ride Tour in France, Switzerland and Austria. We will have pro riders and demo boards to teach riders and shop staff how to ride and help improve their Freebording skills. All levels of riders welcome!
Check out to sign up and for more info.

14- May: Lyon, France
15- May: Grenoble, France
16- May: Annecy, France
22- July: Marseille, France
24- July: Toulouse, France
27- July: Bordeaux, France
30- July: Nantes, France
06- Aug: Paris, France
Coming Soon: Les Diablerets, Switzerland
Coming Soon: Zurich, Switzerland
Coming Soon: Innsbruk, Austria
Coming Soon: Hintertux, Austria
Coming Soon: Graz, Austria

If you have contacts in the press who would want to write about or attend a Learn To Ride session, contact Arnaud.


Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.


  • Stevie-B says:

    Big things!

  • scrub says:

    USA team vid in your link?? False advertising! Now you need to invite me as a guest instructor ;P

  • not me says:

    might go to hintertux… sounds good

  • dicky says:

    we need a US tour

  • cielo says:

    Swiss tour jap!

  • Gwenvael says:

    zurich < lucerne. definitely good to see things moving though.

  • Cudds says:

    Very cool!!

    • Jerria says:

      Hello Rosemary,I am so sorry to hear about the misery your dahetugr has suffered it is hard to come to terms with a series of knocks from people you should be able to trust, the compensation is, that because you have suffered at their hands and realise this, that you are a better person than they are and that they can only have a negative life.It is hard to recover, it takes time, there is no magic solution and i despair when people with no imagination simply tell you to get over it it is like telling someone with a broken arm to get over it it has to take time and can’t be hurried but a broken arm will heal if you rest it, don’t try to use it before you are ready, and listen to others who have more experience of your suffering. So wil the misery and felings of s-despair, these can be overcome if you can allow them to rest and focus on using other talents and interestsWhether Karma is real or an imaginary concept never the less use this concept to move on and feel sorry for the fools who steal your soul, they are only jealous because they have nothing themselves.If you can, bring your dahetugr here to stay with us for a while I can talk the hind leg off a donkey and perhaps may be able to kindle a spark .In an earlier blog post I was feeling overwhelmed a bit and got inspiration from the old movie Swing Time maybe worth looking at

  • Jibunit says:

    stoked to see some footy of this!

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