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Hello my fellow shred heads, Dirk here again with another VIDEA-REVIEW 

This week I’m reviewing a video I came across from 2016 by a Youtube blogger…vlogger?.. whatever the kids are callin’ em these days… “Braile Skateboarding”


My first minute into this video I was sure I was going to hate the remaining 9 minutes and 21 seconds… Between their goobery dialog and one homies frosty tips I was locked and loaded, ready to write 4 paragraphs of pure smack talk. 

But dammit if these boys didn’t win me over with their odd cheeseball humor. I realized this is actually a pretty accurate depiction of a skateboarders first impression of a Freebord. Maybe still could have cut it down a bit from 10 minutes, but hey with over a Million views, what the hell do I know apparently? 

On the note of “Can’t do any skate tricks”… yes and no. Yes you can’t ollie a Freebord, but you can pop. No you can’t do skate flip tricks, but you can do many of the same grind and slide tricks. Just think of what “skate tricks” you can do on a snowboard and you can do almost all of them on a Freebord as well. I understand its a grey area between skate and snow, but there is many tricks you can do on all three. 

Probably the highlight of the video for me would have to be around 5:50 when the guy has his first semi legit edge catch. How many of us remember our first time? Its a magical moment.. and the moments that follow of either giving up, or trying again, defines if you got what it takes to be a true Freeborder.

In fact here’s one of my favorite edge catches I’ve ever had the pleasure of slamming in the last couple years.


In conclusion, not the worst video involving a Freebord I’ve ever seen…But y’all are obviously in SF and could have hit us up at Freebord MFG! We would have sent someone to instruct you a bit. Maybe having a little instruction would have saved you from spending  so much time almost eating asphalt. Also not plugging the website in the description was kind of a bummer.  

Thanks for reading and leave a comment below, what did you think about this video?

Daniel R Clay

I like riding boards and diggin' crystals

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