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On The Road
May 11, 2008

Laguna Hills Reppin’

Laguan Hills Reppin'Uploaded by FreebordVideos We met up with Ryan From Play it Again Sports and showed him how to ride and then rode somehills with Ryan, Chris, Hans, and Adam. Brian from Irvine came up but didnt have time to ride.
On The Road
May 9, 2008

Mont Ventoux

Monday, Jon and I drove to the Mt Ventoux to finaly ride this mythic hill. The top was closed for cars, so we had to hike up for 2hrs... definitely worth it... for Jon ! The board I took wasn't tuned for my settings so I couldn't ride ! Have…
On The Road
May 9, 2008

Represent San Clemente, CA

Representing in San Clemente, CA Uploaded by FreebordVideos Today we met up with a Dylan and his crew in San Clemente, CA and got to teach a lot of future rippers. Dylan was the only one who owned one before the ride but check out the rest of them owning…
On The Road
May 8, 2008

Epic downhill in Aix

Jon and I were in Aix (France) on tuesday and wednesday. This city in south of France is surrounded by hills... Check this epic downhill where Jon almost trashed the camcorder, and Sylvain and I collide. Sick downhill in Aix. envoyé par noanx
On The Road
May 7, 2008

Ride with Luccio

Lucas Benacchio (aka: Luccio, french pro snowboarder) joined us for a ride in Montpellier. Desillusion Magazine was here and did a nice photoshoot and interview for the magazine and the website. Check it out. Luccio freebord envoyé par noanx
On The Road
May 4, 2008

Represent 08 Tour Kickoff

John and I Finaly left San Francisco and went up to Placerville to ride with some people then headed over to Mammoth for the West Cost Invitational. Here's a little video of our adventures so far. Freebord Represent Tour Kick off Uploaded by FreebordVideos