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Analyzing Bteam Videos

As I was browsing through my morning e-mails, I received a phone call from Bently Anderson.  He wanted to let me know he was back from his Euro cheese tour– or whatever he was calling it– and he had just released a video he had been sitting on for a while.  As with most of Bently’s videos there is usually something  hilariously unique, weird, or cringeworthy going down. Knowing this I happily postponed my e-mail obligations to check it out.

My hunch was confirmed within the first 5 seconds, wherein an unnamed rider makes a terrible mistake of beefing it directly in the gaze of Bently’s lens, and if that wasn’t enough she gave him a post wreck interview.  After many years of riding and traveling with Bently on various Freebord trips, I’ve developed an awareness of his paparazzo-esque filming techniques.

Immediately following the introduction, we’re treated to an unknown bay area mix that samples “this is how we do it” by Montell Jordan.Don’t bother asking me for the track, I wasn’t able to find it after an extensive mix of googling and shazam.

Most of the riding in these clips has never  been seen before,and they seem to be from around last summer featuring Alex Phillips, Mike Hoppe, Tyler Murgo, Bently Anderson, and a few people I’m still unsure of (sorry). There are a few handslides, some steezy switch riding, and a super technical sidewalk segment that had me on the edge of my seat.

One thing I really enjoy about Bently’s videos in general, is no matter how bizarre and random the lifestyle segments may be, he manages to somehow incorporate them seamlessly into his videos, and that’s especially true of this one.


Butt Hurt’s from The B Team on Vimeo.


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