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BSVs – Top Ten Announced

By September 24, 2008May 19th, 201429 Comments

Thank you to everyone who submitted for the BSVs this year. We’re continually impressed with the quality of videos you guys send in and appreciate how much time and effort you put into them.

Whittling down from the numerous submissions wasn’t easy, but alas, there can only be one winner. Without further ado, here are your top 10 Best Submitted Videos for 2008 (in no particular order):

Summer 2008 – Sylvain Chedotal (France)
Just Play – Florian Bonin (France)
A Day in London – Ben Marshall (UK)
BSV 08 – Jamie Dawson (Canada)
Zeitgeist – Manou Gicquel (France)
BSV 08 – Florian Greth (Germany)
Warning – Arnaud Blin (France)
Descend – Mike Hoppe (USA)
Aquest Any Si – Roberto Lopez (Spain)
BSV – Daniel McDonagh (UK)

Congrats to everyone in the top 10! Looks like the French got it on lockdown this year – but thanks to Mike Hoppe for representing the USA…

We’re doing something a little bit different this year before we move on to the final round of elimination though. Our guest judges, who are generously donating their time to this competition, have asked us to separate out the top 5 videos that stood out above the rest for their review. That means only 5 videos will be featured on the BSV website and only those 5 will be considered for the first, second and third place prizes. We’ll be announcing which 5 videos made it, along with the judges when we launch the BSV website on Friday.


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