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BSV Top Ten & Judges

By September 16, 2010May 19th, 201424 Comments

Another year, another truly outstanding group of entries for the BSV. The caliber of this year’s videos really stepped up a notch, making it that much harder to whittle down to a top ten.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a video – we will have something special to give to all of you so stay tuned.

A reminder of the grand prizes:
1st Place: Ticket to the FRA in Vegas OR $750 in film equipment
2nd Place: Contour HD helmet cam
3rd Place: Contour HD helmet cam
4th – 10th Place: Freebord Slasher wheel kit

Without further ado, your 2010 top ten BSVs (in no particular order):

Deutschland Represented – Moritz Henne (Germany)
Virtual Invasion – Manon Gicquel (France)
Love and Skate – Steven Bianco (USA)
Goo – Sylvain Chedotal (France)
Rocky BalBorda – John Laudin & Steve Griggs (USA)
La Petite France – Damien Huszcz (Reunion Island)
Directions – Samuel Trowbridge (Australia)
Fully Freebord – Tyler Murgo (USA)
The Thrill – Justin Oliver (USA)
Ups and Downs – Arnaud Blin (France)

It’s up to the judges now to decide who will take the top spots. Introducing the 2010 BSV Panel:

  1. Rob Campbell: Editorial Director, Transworld Media
  2. Brent Ringenbach: Host, FUEL TV’s The Weekly Update
  3. Kevin Pearce: Pro snowboarder, sponsors include: Burton, Volcom, Amp, Oakley, Nixon, etc.
  4. Jackson & Karinja: Co-Directors, work includes: Freebord Tetris video, new Shaun White Skateboarding video game trailer
  5. Steen Strand: Founder, Freebord
  6. Régis Rolland: French snowboarding pioneer. Founder/Owner, APO Snowboards

Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.


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