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BSV Top Ten & Judges

By October 10, 2011May 19th, 20143 Comments

First and foremost we have to thank everyone who submitted a video this year. We had a bunch of riders come through with some great edits and we definitely had our work cut out for us narrowing down the list.

The top 10 videos below have all been sent to the judges and now it’s their turn to decide the winners. In case you forgot, here’s a reminder of the awards and prizes up for grabs this weekend at the FRA’s.

BSV Sam Trowbridge Award
For the best overall video based on riding, production and entertainment value.
-1st Place : $300 Freebord Store Credit + $500 cash
-2nd Place : $150 Freebord Store Credit + Contour GPS Camera
-3rd Place : Contour GPS Camera

Best Riding Award
For the video that shows the hardest shredding.
-Prize : $300 Freebord Store Credit

Film Making Award
For the best cinematography, editing, creativity and originality.
-Prize : $300 cash

And finally, here are your 2011 Top 10 Best Submitted Videos — in no particular order.

Arnaud Blin — France
Corey Lucero — USA
Daniel Vega — USA
Darren Baca — USA
David Gault — France/ Reunion Island
Jordi Puig Ribas — Spain
Pierra Linckenheld — Switzerland
Sylvain Chedotal — France
Thomas Lize — Switzerland
Tyler Murgo — USA

It’s all up to the judges now…
Chris Long: Three-time Emmy Award-winning producer, Senior VP, DirectTV Entertainment
Steen Strand: Inventor Freebord, co-founder Freebord Mfg.
Bayard Winthrop: Co-founder Freebord Mfg.
Andy Wright: Senior Photographer Transworld Snowboarding
Seton O’Connor: Producer and co-host, Dan Patrick TV/Radio Show

Thanks again to everyone who submitted a video. If you can’t make it to the FRA’s check back in next week to see who won. For everyone else, we’ll see you this weekend!


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