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Boulder, Colorado Represent

By June 12, 2008May 19th, 20144 Comments

John Laudin and Corey Lucero decided Boulder, Colorado would be a great spot to meet some local shredders. They have some of the best hills in the world and they can ride them! Peep John, Tyler, Jeremy, R.J., Duncan, Dave “Supa Mang” O’Grady, and a guest appearance from the most savage shredder known, “Gramps”! He is still rocking a perfect condition O.G. X-80 with O.G. three hole S1’s! He hooked it up with some shuttle’s up 12th and an “Obama Rocks” pin. Thanks dude! Props to all who attended for not only shredding the gnar, but showing us a good time and sick hills. Big thanks to John and Tyler for letting us crash and helping us drink beer like water didn’t exist!



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