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Who is Bob?


Bob Glashan is both a current employee of Freebord Manufacturing and former team rider. Over the years, this dude has been channeling his aggressive personality into the progression of the ride. He is the type of person who would spend several hours practicing new press combinations. In my opinion, Bob had brought to the table the true personality of a skater. He  would hit gaps, features, and make tricks without the spotlight of a camera.

(1) Full name?

Bob Glashan

(2) Where are your original stomping grounds? Where did you first learn & develop your skill set?

Hollister, CA 2006. We had a few hills all in the same area of town that kept the crew busy for a while, then skate mom Muzik started to drive us to SF at least twice a month, I started to stay in SF more and more, at friends’ houses or where ever was good. By 2007 I was Freebording more than I was going to school/working. In 2008 I was in SF fulltime and working as many hours as I wanted at Freebord MFG, which was like $50 a week more than rent.

(3) Recommendations for beginners?

Stay with it, and stay safe.

(4) What type of injuries are most common for you & how do you manage them?

Legs, both of them, hips to toes. I manage it the same way many skaters deal with it, fall on the ground, claim to have a broken leg, then get up and stick the trick.

(5) History behind Hollister Crew?

In 2004 a kid down the street convinced other kids on the street to get Freebords, By 2005, the crew was 4 Freeborders and 10ish longboarders, me being one of the longboarders. The Freebord side of the crew won crew of the year in 2005, all of the longboarders quickly jumped ship and got Freebords as Freebord MFG was more involved in the downhill community than all the longboard companies combined.  In 2006 we hit the scene fucking hard, we got 2 riders nominated for ‘rookie of the year’ and one for ‘rider of the year’ as well as a top 10 BSV.  The following year myself and Dan Muze were on the pro-team and his little brother was better than us both, he just wasn’t a people person.  In 2008 I won rider of the year, before the snow melted in 2009 almost everyone moved away to college. We have a second wave of riders that year, two of them were straight killin it, but the Freebord community was already Hollisterd out and the newer riders didn’t get the props I though they deserved. While downhilling in Hollister CA may never end, by 2010 Hollister Crew was reduced to memories of our childhood. Hollister Crew is what keeps me going to this day, I hear about how bad kids lives’ suck in high school and I want to give kids a chance at what I had, a crew.

(6) Crazy’est thing you’ve seen someone do on a freebord.

WOW, I have seen some shit. I made a ramp that you were supposed to hit going like 10mph, Justin Oliver hit it going like 30 maybe more and got fucking destroyed. In 2008 I also saw Keith and Arthur bomb filbert through the bottom intersection, something what was not ever discussed leave alone done, as the king of Filbert I had to follow suit, that was a bad fucking idea. Props to Keith and Arthur for surviving that.

      (7) If your “dream team” came to shred for an afternoon, who would of been on the roster?

Really let’s just go on the 08 mega tour again. That was myself,  Mike Hoppe, Justin Oliver, Andrew Muzik, Bently Anderson, and John Laudin. I wouldn’t mind riding with Dan Muze, Sica, and Dogger again though.

(8) What’s you personal opinion about slidegloves and freebording?

Stand the fuck up or move along.

(9) Downhill or freestyle?


(10) Favorite video of all time?

The 08 mega tour recap video, Justin hanging out the slide door of the van by a seat belt. Bently schralping some foliage, Bear Tooth Mtn., Mukilteo, WA, and jumping off of Rough’s roof like 10 times. That was just the best trip Freebord MFG has ever sent IMO.



Those are my 10 question for Bob Glashan. If you have other questions you should Ask Bob..

Bently Anderson

I was in need of an after school activity and discovered Freebord.

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