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The Reel Mike

November 19, 2015

How To Stop On A Freebord

  You Stop On A Freebord Just Like A Snowboard Bently Anderson of Entitlement Urethane edited and narrated this really great short video that answers one of the most frequently asked questions we get around here - "How in the hell do you stop that thing?" If you find yourself asking that…
November 12, 2015

FRA 2015 Weekend Recap Video

The Freebord Rider Awards this year were a blast. We started it off with a SF ride followed by our favorite city taco truck catering endless burritos. Once we got up to South Lake Tahoe, we partied in a mansion until the cops showed up. Obviously that was not going…
November 9, 2015

Wasatch Crew’s FRA / Tahoe video

The homies over in Salt Lake City have not missed a beat with their videos this year. This October they all loaded up into Caleb Casey's Jeep and headed west. They spent some pre-FRA time there shredding with Daniel Clay, building some of the slopestyle ramps, and tasting some fine…
October 14, 2015

Last Weekend’s FRA Awards

As expected, FRA weekend makes for a lot of good blog posts. We had some people reach out to us about what the awards/prizes looked like after we posted the slopestyle video and the Freebord Rider Award's Winners blog posts. I snapped these 2 photos in the FRA video premiere theater…
October 6, 2015

The 2015 FRA Awards are in!

As you all know, the Freebord Rider Awards are coming up this weekend. Here at Freebord HQ we are getting everything ready for this annual affair. A main part of the rider awards is the awards themselves. Our marketing guru Justin Oliver once again called upon his family at Glass Dynamics…
September 30, 2015

Community Shred 2015 – HIGHLIGHTS

So this year we brought back the Community Shred series and we got tons of great submissions. The 13 minute full-length video will be shown on the first night of the 2015 Freebord Rider Awards but we decided to drop a quick highlight reel to get everyone stoked. Stay tuned…