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Here’s a banger you don’t want to miss! Featuring some amazing spots and equally awesome riding, Simon Le Meur and crew killed some hills while taking to the sky to get a bird’s eye view of the shred. Simon had a little bit more info on the afternoon:

Adrien Mainand came to the French Alps from Switzerland to shred, and Jon Ehm showed off some brand new spots: 8km of pure concrete lost between two small villages with nothing but this awesome view to welcome the crew. The Raza brothers came with their filming stuff including the drone to capture those sick drops – all made in a single afternoon! Once you add Guillem Grimo and Pablo Coves to the shred crew we were all set to kill this little piece of dream! We hope you enjoy the video:

Hunter Pawlaczyk

Moved from Vermont to California in 2014, started at Freebord Mfg in March 2017. Freeborder, snowboarder, longboarder, hop enthusiast.

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