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Who said you’re too old to shred? Check out this crew straight outta Nashville shredding their local spot with their director, Levi calling the shots! Keep the videos coming, guys! Can’t wait to see your progression.

From the description of the video:

Freebording just outside Nashville, our heroes Joey and Brandon take on their newly repaved hill in search of adrenaline and thrills (and the last vestiges of their youth)… all while striving to retain their health so they can work the next day.


Been around the block since 2007. Bay Area born and raised, I've had the pleasure to Freebord in over 8 countries across the world and counting. Filmer and editor of many prolific Freebord films such as the 1st place 2009 Best Submitted Video, "The Bay Remix", 2010 Best Submitted video 2nd place winner, "Love & Skate", and Freebord produced videos "A-Team: Trouble on Wheels" & "A-Team Highlight Reel".

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  • Joey Pippin says:

    Thanks for posting our video! We are thrilled that this sport of snowboarding the streets is gaining steam!!! Where can I buy stock?
    Our wizard editor Nathan Cantleberry did all the editing for us. He’s a freaking Guru at all things video and photo. Just want to give credit where it’s due. Check out his website
    You can also find his videos on YouTube.
    Nathan lives in Wheaton, Illinois.

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