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Freebord US Team Trip

After 2,374 miles, 10 grueling days, and 8 nights camping in the wild and wonderful Pacific Northwest, the US Freebord Team has arrived safely –mostly– back in San Francisco.

We’re happy to report of the injuries, none were serious, well, at least nothing a little superglue, ice and cold brews couldn’t fix – Corey Lucero hucked himself off a ledge as tall as a house and upon landing, slashed his hand on an inconveniently placed rock.  DRC sprained his ankle on a gnarly rail in Southern Oregon, but fortunately for him, Bently had previously happened upon a $5 Cryo Cuff gravity cooler at a Washington garage sale, and was able to nurse DRC back to health –actual picture of DRC using said cuff. Most of the team lost a little skin, but not as much as our Filmer/Graphic Designer/Wonderboy, Matt Reyes, who took home 1st place for the most skin lost– we love you Matt and Hoppe owes you a beer!

Everyone dropped hammers: Hoppe assaulted unsuspecting turns with steezy backslide overslides, DRC, Schiotis, Caleb Casey, and Corey Lucero not only bombed hills, but no ledge, rail, gap, was safe, and Bently of course destroyed sidewalks.  We would also like to give a special shout out to Austin Pachaud of the Freebord Riot Squad, much love for all the insane followcams, and general kickassness you brought to this year’s team trip.

We now have more footage stockpiled than doomsday preppers have ammunition, and it will all be going into our annual team video – release date TBD– but get hyped for this one, it’s going to be insane.

Can’t wait to see what the Euro contingent has in store for this year.





Washed up former Freebord team rider, current washed up Freebord team manager. “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Don’t teach a man to fish…and feed yourself. He’s a grown man. And fishing’s not that hard” – Ron Swanson

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