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2012 FRA Awards

By October 16, 2012May 20th, 20169 Comments

First and foremost we have to thank everyone who submitted a video this year. We had a bunch of riders come through with some great submissions and we definitely had our work cut out for us narrowing down the list. So without further adieu, here are your top Freebord Rider Awards and Best Submitted Video contenders.

2012 Top 10 Best Submitted Videos:
Steve Griggs — USA
Eric Shelby — USA
Bently Anderson — USA
Seb Jam — Switzerland
Pierre Linkenheld — Switzerland
Thomas Lize — Switzerland
Richard Elliott — Switzerland
Jeffery Monnier — France
Arnaud Blin — France
Remy Verhaeghe — France

Rookie of the Year 2012:
Riders who have come up on the scene in the past year/ year and a half
David Bickett — USA
Nicolas Garel— France
Hugo Granville— France
Thibaut Eychene — France
Marshall LaFlower — USA

Standout of the Year 2012:
Seasoned riders who have stood out to us in the last year
Jordi Puig — Spain
Gerard Marti— Spain
Daniel Clay — USA
Pierre Linckenheld — Switzerland
Seb Jam — Switzerland

Thank you everyone who submitted this year! Winners will be announced at the FRA party on Saturday, October 20th at the Hooters Casino and Hotel in Vegas.


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