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2011 Rider Awards Nominees

By October 11, 2011May 19th, 201410 Comments

Each year we like to recognize those riders who are helping to push our sport. 2011 has been great for progression as we’ve seen new-comers and veterans alike killing it all year. Here are the nominees for the 2011 Rider Awards:

Rookie of the Year 2011:
Riders who have come up on the scene in the past year/ year and a half

Standout of the Year 2011:
Seasoned riders who have stood out to us in the last year

  • Tyler Murgo (USA)
  • Daniel Vega (USA)
  • Bently Anderson (USA)
  • Ben Berger (France)
  • Moritz Henne (Germany)

Rider of the Year 2011:
Pro Team riders who are killing it more than ever

Thank you everyone who submitted this year! Winners will be announced at the FRA party on Saturday, October 15th.


Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.


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