Pierre // Linckenheld


2013 Standout of the Year

Best Submitted Video 2014

Age: 30

 Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

 Favorite Riding Spot:

I have many favorite roads, Switzerland itself is a spot; we have good asphalt quality here!  My favorite riding spot is also a road called “Lombard” just like in San Francisco, but it is actually in Bovernier, near Verbier, Switzerland. It is a long spot, with bombing areas and epics tight curves.

 How did you get started?

I was surfing on extreme sports websites and I have seen I remember a Justin Oliver video, which left me totally impressed. One week later I bought my first Freebord, an 80cm Corporates deck with alpha trucks. I did not expect that it would take me to this place in my life, I have no regrets!

How long have you been riding? Since 2007

Best Freebord Memory:
I have many fond memories on my Freebord! One of my best memories is from 3 years ago when I was expecting a visit from about 5 riders of the CHOE Crew Lausanne, and it ending up being almost 20! We shredded the whole and every spot around town; it’s always amazing to ride with Friends! My trip in San Francisco, the Freebord Mecca, this past summer was also incredible. To ride all the famous spot I used to watch in Videos like Lombard Street and all the Steep hills from this City with the Local Riders was really insane!

Board settings: I ride an 80 cm deck but with an 83cm stance. Trucks pretty tight with a mix of medium and soft bushings, and Brass Monkeys, or Da Blues Wheels depending on what I’m riding. Maximum Rocker.


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