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May 18, 2008

Camarillo, CA Represent!

Camarilloweb Uploaded by FreebordVideos Bob Glashan and John Laudin hook up with local Camarillo, CA riders Grant(mammothrider), Evan(air53), and their crew for a shred sesh in front of evan's house. His neighborhood is full of sick hills as you can see.
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May 16, 2008

Gnarnia: Cali video rap up

Gnarnia Uploaded by FreebordVideos The Represent tour has left california and will not be back for a few months. So i edited all the best footage into a little video. Huge Thanks to Hans, Raphael, and Nikko for the tour of all the awesome so-cal hills.
On The Road
May 14, 2008

Brussels without cars = happy Freeborders

On May 11th, the city center of Brussels was closed to all cars. Laurent "low-rent" De Zutter and crew were there holding it down for the Freebord Represent Tour '08. Thanks Laurent! Freebord Represent Tour '08 in Brussels Uploaded by KlaviculeProductions Riders : Laurent, Loik, Arnaud, Benoit, Max, Jacques, Peet,…
May 13, 2008

UK Represent ride

Ben M and Robbie Brady will be hosting the UK Represent ride July 26-27 across the pond in High Wycombe. God save the Queen! more tour stops at www.freebord.com/tour