Behind the scenes of Metropolis

Near the end of 2014, The Travel Channel had asked Freebord if we wanted to be on their upcoming show Metropolis. We said “Hell yeah!” and immediately began bragging to all of our friends about how famous we were going to be.

We were tasked with helping pick a location for the shoot in the city. Being in San Francisco this task seems simple, but trust me it is not. When you do things the legal way (read: not fun way) your hill choices are seriously limited. After our first few choices were shot down by the production company—apparently shutting down the Bay Bridge is frowned upon—I had an epiphany.

Why not use the street in front of Mrs. Doubtfire’s house? The producer loved it.

On the morning of the shoot, the fog hovered over the city as the film crew and police stood by.  Our crew was a blend of riders from old to new (Ryan Thomas, Adam Stanton, Keith Johnsguard, Tyler Murgo, Seth Bennet, Bob Glashan, Steve Bianco, and Bently Anderson)

The Doubtfire house still looks the same except for a few trees.

As we began our first descent, I hear someone behind me shout “What in the hell are you doing!?.” I swung my head around to see a police officer in a showdown with an enraged lady in a black S-Class Mercedes-Benz. She had blatantly disobeyed his instructions and was attempting to drive down our hill.


The officer’s face filled with rage as the shrieks from his traffic whistle brought the mighty Maybach to a halt. The lady began waving her hands furiously and mouthing out curse words. The cop marched up to her window and shouted: “HEY! This road is closed for skateboarders only, find another way down!”.

With no other choice, she sped off with a defiant and throaty roar from the V-12 engine. The officer looked over at me, shook his head incredulously, and went back to directing traffic.

As most of you guys know, it’s not every day the police have your back while skating a public road. We took full advantage of the situation and shredded Mrs. Doubtfire’s block for the next two hours with impunity.


It was a thing of beauty.



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