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Go Ape for Our Newest Deck || The Primal

By June 8, 2015No Comments

Our graphic designer went ABSOLUTELY apeshit on his latest deck design… no really.. it’s a 600 lb Silverback gorilla graphic called the Primal and it’s a BEAST!

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This monster is a bamboo-maple hybrid made with a 5 ply Canadian Rock Maple core and 2 plys. The bamboo plys not only make this deck stronger, slightly lighter,and more rigid, but also give you more edge control/responsiveness than the pure maple deck.


The Primal exudes power and means bidness, so don’t expect it to listen to your problems and tell you you’re different and special from everyone else.


Primal don’t got time for that. Primal is here to shred everything in it’s path, and there will be carnage… oh the carnage.




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