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From Brian & Freebord Germany – nice job guys!

Freebord – Snowboard the streets and snowboard all year!

Snowboarding on the street in your town! The Freebord makes it possible, without expensive lift tickets and completely independent of ski resorts, winter and snow!

While the atrophy in a snowboarding skills in the summer, on the other shred the whole year. The free on board are all independent of snow and ski resorts, for the Free Border, not more than a sloping street for snowboarding.

The Freebord is a snowboard for the street, what can go right through a special design such as a snowboard. It consists of a board, two axes and two ties. The axles are wider than the board and in the middle of each axis has a further role is used, which rotates when driving up to 360 degrees below the Freebord. In combination with the rollers results in the outside edges of the tread and the road driving all snowboards and snowboarding of slides and swings on Flatlandtricks to spins, flips, slides and grabs in the air are just as feasible as on a snowboard.

The Free board was invented in the USA and is now there, but also in some European countries built and sold. The original Free board is currently driven most and is the market leader. But new Freebord designers, e.g. Global Grinds from Stuttgart now very high quality and popular board to sell to the German Freebord family.

The German Free-board family, which already has nearly 1000 riders distributed across all provinces, the largest metropolitan area is located in and around Stuttgart, since there is Brian Free Kozul the board from the U.S. brought back and made big.

On board of the Free-Ranch in Eberdingen will therefore take place annually at Pentecost, the largest German Free Border meeting to come to the Free Border traveled from all over Germany. Throughout the year, the Free Border meet in their regions to snowboarding together in the streets.

Besides the German Freebord Forum, the drivers also report on personal websites or blogs of their meetings and rides. There are also countless online offers for Spot-Free Border collections on international news sites, to photo and video competitions.

Even in neighboring European countries, the FreeBord is growing and so there are European meetings and events such as the Freebord Summer Camp in Les 2 Alpes Learn to ride or tour.

The next major meeting in Germany on 12 September 2010 held in Aachen and Darmstadt, and a Freebord Germany Tour follows. The various Freebord-Pro teams make trips through the world and organize rides to the best spots in the different countries.

In order to quickly Free Border, go from here directly to the German forum and arrange to meet you with a Free Border of your surroundings at in the summer to hone your riding!


About Freebord

Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.


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