Scheduling an official team trip can be a difficult process. Every individual has their own struggle to schedule family matters, work, and/or school. In addition to prior commitments.. injuries can and do happen. A few weeks before the team trip Jason Van’t Rood had broken his clavicle. A few days later Corey Lucero had fractured his foot while messing around in a skate park. In addition to the “broke-off” team riders, Caleb Casey was unable to come due to a prior commitment. The 2016 team trip consisted of David Schiotis, David Bickett, and Corey Lucero (in a boot).

These pictures were taken by photographer and downhill skater Andrew Medieros. We took a few runs by Twin Peaks, San Francisco and sent Andrew on a hike. He was pretty excited to borrow the our cannon 100-400 L series for the afternoon. If you like his pictures follow him on instagram @Andrew_OBG

These are the photos that I captured during the trip. Taking pictures of people freebording is an interesting process. Often times it looks as if the rider is standing still. In other words its very easy to take goofy pictures of people freebording. Follow my instagram for more pictures @Bentlysphotographs

Bently Anderson

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I was in need of an after school activity and discovered Freebord.

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