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Freebord is looking for a marketing intern to come in and learn a thing or two and get some hands on experience in the process. We can’t pay you, but we can offer you life experience..or college credit, whatever.

Are you studying marketing or business right now and want some hands on experience in tv, web, and social media marketing?
Do you live in the bay area and can come into the office 15-20 hours a week?
Do you want to develop personal relationships with our advertisers, and learn the ins and outs of action sports marketing?
Do you have strong web, excel, and creative skillz?
Do you have a passion for online marketing and taking personal ownership of growing an already established brand?
If you answered yes then shoot us your resume to [email protected]! We will review them all, and get back to the ones we like for interviews. To be clear, if you don’t hear from us it means we don’t like you.

Oh, and we occasionally all go out and get drunk on Freebord’s dime. I’m just saying.

**Quick edit. We’re too busy to respond to all the comments and posts all over etc, so if you think you’ve got what it takes or just a question. email [email protected]


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  • Ali jafari says:

    I’m not 21 but I’m looking to be an intern, I’m really Intrested in bussiness and sales

  • Alex Vivanco says:

    I’m a current student at Georgia Sate University and am pursuing a degree in business right now. I am scheduled to graduate May of 2013. I don’t live in the bay area, obviously, but I would love to help out and become part of the freebord team if at all possible. If you guys think I could help out at all let me know.

  • Alex Ching says:

    I graduated from Marketing in 2007, being creative and innovative in how a product is marketed and delivered to consumers would be something I’d excel at. Too bad im in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.. So if you ever expand into our neck of the woods, I’d love to join the team.

  • Paul Eddings says:

    I’m a college student and native from Jacksonville, Fl. I’m new to freebording and havve recently hit some hills in Tallahassee. I’m very outgoing and innovative with a creative mind for business. I’m very interested in the internship and would be interested in making a jump towards your location. Let’s get this going BIG.

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