At Freebord Mfg. we’re all about shredding, but sometimes we take time out of our busy shred schedule to give back.  Last week the entire office headed over to Lake Merced Golf & Country Club for the World Golf Championships-Cadillac Match Play  tournament.

Bill’s Hot Dog Burger Fully Loaded

We were there to help out the Variety Children’s Charity of Northern California, and run the concessions booth at the eighteenth green.

While golf isn’t really our thing, and we may have slightly resembled an escaped Amish sect. We proudly served up Bill’s famous Hot Dog Burgers (fully-loaded of course), and it was quite the experience.

Since Tiger wasn’t there we didn’t recognize any of the golfers, but it was a lot of fun and we raised a ton of money for Variety’s programs– so mission accomplished.



20150501_140047_1 2

Brother Bob & Mike serving up the lord’s food.





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